This new Dolphin AB Bipod is fully tested by top F Class shooters. It is extremely light yet strong, which absorbs all the torque from rifles firing large calibre cartridges.

Easily fits to the rifle within seconds and when locked down, does not move during consistent firing.

Easy adjustment bar for elevation settings and comes with the option of two heads for perfect snug fitting for variable rifle stock fore-ends.

Weight - 475 grams

Narrow fore-end width - 56mm (Fits Dolphin Modular stocks)

Minimum height - 125mm (To locking bar)

Maximum height - 275mm (To locking bar)
At its highest = 28cm - footprint = 40cm

At its lowest = 16cm - footprint = 64cm

Legs - Carbon Fibre

Bipod skids, head and fittings 6000 Series aluminium

Fitting - Anschutz style