The A4 Landscape RainWriterXL is the latest design in waterproof clipboards . Available in Red, Black,Green or Neon Blue all with Double Clips. 

The RainWriter XL A4 Landscape Waterproof Clipboard is for use in all weather conditions. It has a clear plastic cover which is spring loaded so you can use it in the rain, it actually allows you to write when it is raining, the cover can be folded flat and on the back there are two clips so you can use it as a standard clipboard in dry weather. There are two pen holders on the inside of the cover and it takes standard A4 Landscape paper. There is a metal ring at the top for hanging the clipboard up when not in use which can also be used to lever the paper clip inside the cover. There are two eyelets for attaching a neck cord.  


  • Extra Low Temperature material for colder conditions

  • Standard on all XL Waterproof Clipboards external Double Clips for this rare windy days to hold your paper

  • Extra Strength Design in High Wear Areas